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The Start of OpenPRP

The initial idea and planning of the OpenPRP project began in 2008 when we (wike and donl) were dicussing about the verification and implementation of new algorithms for wireless communication systems.  Computer aided simulation has been one of the most popular methodogies for algorithm verification.  However, actually hardware implementation usually start from scratch and share little with the simulation platform.  Realtime requirement and hardware related issues often become the source of troubles and even create big gaps between algorithm and reality.  We thus think it is advantagous to combine simulation and implementation platform into a unified one.

One possible solution is using the software-defined radio approach, which had been a hot topic in academic research and military applications for a long time.  Some research laboratories also have expensive testbed systems which may be considered as some kind of software-defined radio.  However, we had not found any satisfying open-sourced, user-friendly and flexible, low-cost but capable, well-integrated hardware and software platforms generally available for academic research and applications.  Thus, we hope to “create a user-friendly unified software and hardware platform for software defined radio (SDR) applications”.

Since then, we have been refining the idea and investigating feasible hardware platform and software architecture from time to time.  Some background research has been done, although no documents and codes have been released so far.  Recently, we have made some progress on the hardware platform architecture and begin exploring feasible software architecture.  We’ll be posting new idea and more planning documents for everyone interested.  Hopefully, we could get more feedback from potential users to speed up the development process.